Fantastic Invasion


Engineer & Mixer Rock SAMMY Nominated



Mixer Pop 100,000+ streams

Looking Like You Love Me


Mixer Pop

Worth The Risk

15 Song Album

Mixer Rock



Mixer Folk

Estēe Lauder

Engineer Ad

When January Comes


Producer Singer Songwriter

In My Mind


Mixer Pop



Mixer Pop

big eyes & rosy cheeks

6 Song Album

Producer & Writer Pop 2x SAMMY Winner

Barely Afloat


Mixer Rock

Some Lovers


Engineer Musical Theater GRAMMY Nominated

5:17 Live Session


Producer Pop

Shades Of Blue

9 Song Album

Producer Blues/Funk SAMMY Nominated

If That Means Anything

7 Song Album

Mixer Alternative / DIY

Close To Her


Producer Pop 320,000+ streams

What Are We Fighting For

12 song album

Engineer & Mixer Rock 4x NAMMY Nominated


10 Song Album

Producer Folk SAMMY Nominated

History Channel

Engineer Ad

Low Overhead


Engineer & Mixer Acoustic Pop



Producer Pop

Black Rose


Mixer Rap

Time For Me


Mastering Engineer Pop

She Is A Song

10 Song Album

Mixer Folk Rock

Who Are You


Asst. Engineer Jazz 1M+ streams



Producer Pop

Burlap Backwards

2-Track Single

Engineer & Mixer Rock

Break It Down

Live session

Mixer Live Trio

Home For The Holiday


Engineer Holiday

Dicks Sporting Goods

Engineer Ad

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The Team

We're proud to be a company of artists and creatives, empowering other artists and creatives to achieve their goals and tell their stories.

Neil Minet

Projects Manager
Neil is a Syracuse, NY born guitarist, singer, songwriter, band leader, and manager of all things production. From an early age, Neil was steeped in the blues tradition that's rooted in Syracuse from the city's years as a stop for tours traveling between New York and Chicago. At his admittedly great fortune, many caring mentors and elder statesmen of the scene took him under his wing and helped steer him on his now current path as an artist.
Additionally, Neil is a graduate of Cornell University’s physics department. As a yin to the yang of being an artist, Neil enjoys artistic production management because of its technical intricacies and the need for attention to detail. When not working with this incredible ShaneMixed team, you can find Neil fronting his band, playing acoustic solo shows, or backpacking through the Adirondacks. You can find his work here.

Sarah Gross

Audio Engineer
Sarah Gross is a singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer from Long Island, NY and a recent graduate from the Sound & Recording Technology Program at Syracuse University. You can often find her in her home studio tuning vocals, time aligning drums, adding vocal harmonies, or begging Pro Tools to move faster, all while her corgi nods in approval (or disapproval). When she's not audio engineering or running the social media for Mixworld, she's playing her original music around New York, reading, or psychoanalyzing Taylor Swift's new album on a hike somewhere. She is very excited to be on the Mixworld team alongside such talented, intelligent, and kind people. Check out Sarah's work here!

Shane Patterson

Audio Engineer
Patterson is a recording engineer who got his start by learning from Todd and Brett Hobin at Hobin Studios when he was only 12 years old. He went on to produce projects that were nominated and won SAMMYs before moving to New York City to continue his education at New York University, learning from legendary recording engineers like eight-time Grammy-winning Kevin Killen and 60-time Grammy nominated Alan Silverman. After moving back to Central New York due to Covid, Patterson earned his first Grammy nomination as an engineer at SubCat.

When Shane isn't in the studio, you might find him playing bass or desigining theater.

In 2023, Shane was appointed chief engineer of Subcat Studios where he will continue his mission of helping artists realize their visions.



A standard mix rate includes unlimited revisions, let's just make a great record.

This rate typically covers mixing a song under 10 minutes or so with any track count (the record is around 700 audio tracks). If you have a smaller project (like an acoustic session) or a larger project (a film or live set) please reach out and let's see what we can do!

Mixes are almost always flat rate, as we find that hourly rates can lead to corners getting cut. This tool provides an estimate of mix rates, and calculates discounts for booking in bulk! We like to help musicians, so we will honor the bulk booking rate for projects started within 30 days of another active project.

How many songs are we mixing?
Stereo Mixes:
= $200-350 estimated total
$0 discount


Contact us for a quote on your project! We would love to hear what you're working on and will work out a package that works best for you and your project.

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Neil Minet

Mixing and Production Projects Manager
New York City and remote bookings.

Email [email protected]

TJ James

Studio Tracking, Commercial, ADR, Post Production Audio Projects Manager
Central New York

Email [email protected]

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